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"Radar entomology" is the technique and science of using radar to study insect movement. It has proved valuable in the study of insect migration, and has been used especially in research on insect pests that are migratory (of which there are many). Radar has also been used to study non-migratory (i.e. foraging) movements.

This site endeavours to provide some basic information about radar entomology, a comprehensive address list of everyone working in the field, a comprehensive bibliography, and links to other sites containing information on the technique and its applications. Some historical material has also been included.

It is recognised that some parts of this site are no longer up to date, and therefore some links to outside websites may no longer work. The Bibliography, Observation Campaigns, Who's Who, and Email Address pages are kept up-to-date.

The URL for TREWS is now Please adjust your bookmarks and any links to TREWS if they refer to an earlier URL.

TREWS is hosted within the School of Physical, Environmental and Mathematical Sciences (PEMS) of The University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy (UNSW@ADFA). It is a "personal page" of Dr V.A. Drake of the School of PEMS and forms part of his research.

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The background of this page is a plan-position indicator (PPI) image of insect migration in Australia, made with the CSIRO Entomological Radar.

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